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I went on Monday to see my surgeon. Long ugly day it was, but never the less, he mentioned a z-plasty. He explained it to me, and well after reading up on the website, I understood. But I have searched the posts, and haven't found anything about somebody else having a z-plasty. If anyone has had one, please let me know.. Was it sucessful? Pain?? Recovery time? Anything you can tell me would be helpful. I have had three pilonidal operations already, so I know what it consists of, but my surgeon said this one is different. So I assume the pain and such would be too. Thanks for all your help.
I am interested in this also, I too just came back from the surgeon and they said that I may have to have this z plasty thing done. I am still not healing and guess what I was right I do have another infection. I am now on 2 different antibotics, They said that if they do not see a change next week they will put me on an IV at home. (has anyone else done this?)

I had z-plasty surgery in November of 2005…..the pain was minimal and I resumed working after two and a half weeks. The drain tube was removed three weeks post surgery. Three weeks following surgery, an infection was discovered in the lower part of the incision. The surgeon removed stitches in that area and a small portion of the original incision became an open wound that required packing for the next couple of months. All in all I’d have to say everything went well though it was my first and only surgery for pilonidal so, I have nothing to compare it to. To date, the pilonidal hasn’t returned though I still feel pulling and stretching from the are. (From what the surgeon told me and based on reading the posts on this site, these sensations are normal through they do make you wonder if the beast is coming back). I hope this helps!! [:8)]
Do they always put in a drainage tube? I know with the last 3 surguries I did not have one. Though, again, this is a whole new surgury that they are suggesting. I also know it involves a plastic surgeon.. did yours involve one too? Felicar, did your surgeon mention a plastic surgeon?? I just wish they would hurry up and get back to me.. I saw my gen. surgeon on monday, and still haven't heard anything.. he had to talk to his "plastic surgeon buddy" before he had any real good answer for me.
I don't know if the drain tube is always installed. In my case, the surgeon used it to prevent fluid build up underneath the incision. The drain tube was no big deal and didn't hurt during removal. My surgery was performed by a colo-rectal surgeon; I've never seen or been advised to consult a plastic surgeon prior to the surgery. Couldn't hurt though as this surgery has a tendency to leave a rather interesting looking scar.[oyo]
nope they didn't mention a plastic surgeon, however, I am a little nervous about talking about the z plasty as they said they have only read about it. I will most likely be going to a different surgeon.
well lets hope this one works because I am really nervous... I am tired of hurting and not being able to go to work somedays/weeks because the pain is unbearable. I am over it. I have always been the type to give 110%, and with this thing I can't!!
Isn't the worst part about it that your boss doesn't understand the pain you are in...? So you are trying to explain it all to them and they look at you like you are stupid.. LOL Thanks for all the help everyone. I did hear from my surgeon today, he is trying to get me back in to see him and the plastic surgeon next week. YEAH!! :) Good News :)
actually my boss is pretty good about it. he keeps telling me if it hurts go home we will take care of everything. Awesome you are seeing the surgeon!!!! Good Luck and keep me updated please!!:)
well, new news... don't know how good of news it is. my surgeon called today, wants to see me in this week. couldn't get to the phone was at work... grr... so he called my husband. they want to use a vacuum on the excision... he said because I am a "larger" (just say fat) woman, wounds heel slower and not well... so he wants to use a vac. everything i have read on here says they are painful.. I am really nervous. Extremly nervous now, and I am not sure if I can go through with it. I don't do pain well..

I feel ya, they want to do the same thing with me. Let me say that being fluffy (larger) has nothing to do with your wound healing right or healing slowly. I am not overweight and I am not healing at all. [o+o] I hope everything goes well for you, make sure you ask tons of questions. I wish I had before my first surgery. I now have to repeat the surgery because of an ongoing infection that may have reached my bones.[:^] This disease is by far the worst thing I have ever dealt with, and let me tell ya, I have dealt with some doozys.

I'm sorry you have to go through this but just know that you are not alone and I will be around if ya need to talk. Us [oyo] butt people got to stick together.;)
Yea, this will be my fourth surgury... This is, by far, the one that I am not looking forward too. I am actually really nervous. I will get through it. I have alot of support. I wish that this website had a chat room. :) It would be nice to be able to talk to people in "real-time". Ya know. OH well, hope all goes well for you too. Ps, Us "butt" People Do Need To Stick Together. Because no one really understands what you are going through until, they go through it themselves or have someone close to them that is going/gone through it. Thanks for all the support.
im having my z-plasty for my fourth surgery as soon as i get the OK from the insurance company. hopefully i can get it between my spring and summer classes (beg may). ill let yall know how it works.
Please do!!! I would really be interested if it works. Unfortunatly they have decided not to go that route with me. :( now I have to see if I have infection in my bones. [:^] will this ever end?
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