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    No sweety sorry, I have yahoo though, my yahoo email is shell15ga@yahoo.com, I also have a myspace account which can be found under the same email. Well, my surgury is for the 8th of May, "good luck to me." My surgeon said that I would probably be out for a month. Oh Goody.. Well that gives me time to finalize things with out new house that we are buying... (Hopefully all goes well with that too). [|:)] Though I am very worried about this wound vacuum... I probably won't leave the house for a month.. does anyone know how big it is, is it loud? I mean I have no clue what I am getting myself into!! This will be my fourth surgury, and they seem to get more painful the more I have, so I know what I am in for when it comes to the actual wound part, but I am extremly scared of the vacuum. I even have nightmares at night... errmm... how 5th grade of me.. lol
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