Z Plasty

I have had 3 Pilonidal drainages since 2007 the last 2 I had never completely healed, and I currently have a 1cm by 1cm open wound which still weeps and gets sore every now and again.

I got told by a surgeon at the end of July that he would not know what surgery he would do until he got me on the operating table but it would be the Karydakis or Cleft Lift.

I went for my pre-op today and on my information it said the procedure was "Excision of Pilonidal Sinus and Z Plasty"- I have got a cancellation and a different surgeon to the one I orginally saw!

Having seen some comments on here and on the internet I am now freaking out at this procedure as it doesn't sound as if it works etc and I don't want to be put back again by asking the surgeon for a different procedure or spend more time going back and forth with more problems relating to a sinus!!

Has there been any sucess from a Z Plasty or do I need to have a word with my surgeon??