Zim's Wound Care Gel - should I pack with NuGauze too?

Discussion in 'Pilonidal Discussions' started by AnxiousMom, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. AnxiousMom

    AnxiousMom Guest

    My daughter had surgery 5 1/2 months ago. To make a long story short (I'll maybe post the long story later), she still has a surgical hole about 1 inch long by maybe 1/2 inch at the deepest point (it's kind of triangular shape). I bought Zim's Wound Care gel tonight, after reading about it in the forums, and will start using it. I have been packing the hole with NuGauze (1/2" wide guaze strip that you cut to the length you need) and am wondering if I should still use that along with the Zims. What do you think? I don't want the wound to close on top before the bottom heals up (as it has several times already, and then opens up again), so I'm thinking I should probably keep on doing so even with the gel ... but would love to hear others thoughts on it.

    This site and forum is terrific ... I have found it much more helpful than the doctors that my daughter has been seeing!

  2. AnxiousMom

    AnxiousMom Guest

    Panafil and Zims Wound Care Gel

    Got the Panafil today, so have started using it inside the wound. I am also putting some of the Zims gel just on the top surface - thinking it may help to seal it off - then some 2x2 gauze layed on top (decided to not pack in the small strip gauze), and a large bandaid on top of that to cover it all. Will see how it goes!


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    Hi Mom!

    I used panafil on my wound when it was about that size also and it closed in about 2 weeks. My mom did the same as is sounds like you are doing, putting it on the wound and then covering it with a small gauze pad.

    I hope this works for your daughter! She's lucky to have a mom to help her out too!
  4. AnxiousMom

    AnxiousMom Guest

    re: Panafil

    Thanks Cathy! I sure hope this works as well for my daughter as it sounds like it did for you.

    It is looking better, but I've seen it do this before so only time will tell if it stays. I am putting some gauze into the wound because it looked like the surface skin was trying to close up too soon. So here's our regiment: clean wound with saline, Panafil inside cavity, Zims gel on wound surface (this may not be necessary, but since I already had it before getting the Panafil, thought it might help seal off the opening as it gels and keep things a bit more moist), strip gauze poked slightly into the wound, 2x2 gauze on top (to soak up any excess of the gels and/or wound leakage so it doesn't end up on her clothes), and a large bandaid on top of that to keep everything in place.

    Will give more updates.


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