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    Australia Surgeons

    Sydney Surgeon Karidakis surgery. Farid Meybodi, MD MS FRACS I Clinical Senior Lecturer Sydney University | Staff Specialist in Breast, Endocrine and General Surgery – Westmead Breast Cancer Institute I Level 1, Block F I Westmead Hospital I PO Box 143, Westmead NSW 2145
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    North Carolina Surgeons

    Over time the original list has been updated as patients reported back that some doctors were not doing Cleft Lift after all. It appears that Byrnett was one that received the information but did not adopt the procedure so he was removed from the list.
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    Cleft Lift Recovery 12-6-18

    Cher, trying something like this Toilet Seat Bidet.
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    Surgeons near Atlanta that perform cleft lift surgery?

    Please note that we have doctor recommendations down in the Surgeon Hall of Fame forum.
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    Pilonidal Study: Laser Hair Depilation as Treatment

    Greetings, all. I've been contacted by a representative from Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio about a study they are working for treating Pilonidal with laser hair removal. They are in the funding stage and will be recruiting participants from the local area soon. The PSA has...
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    Going the homeopathic route

    Just a reminder. Colloidial Silver - taken as a drink has been known to poison people and has been thoroughly debunked as snake oil. Topical application may have some value as silver has known anti-microbial properties and is used widely in would healing.
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    Help me please :'(

    I think it's time for you to find another doctor. No doctor should ever make you feel bad and not listen. It sounds to me like this specialist is ignoring the pits that are creating the problem and failing to understand why Pilonidals happen. Just removing tissue and/or doing more drainage isn't...
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    I can't understand Pilonidal Disease...

    I shouldn't have maybe used the word "cure". Even a Cleft Lift is not a permanent cure 100% of the time. When we treat diseases it is almost always possible to experience reoccurance, what we are usually treating is a symptom and a cause. The underlying problem of a very deep cleft that forms...
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    I can't understand Pilonidal Disease...

    Also, I've noted in a few places on the site that I am convinced I've thwarted at least 3 reoccurances through being scrupulous in attention and care to what's going on in my midline. I've had few pits form and burst - pimples basically - and through exfoliation, air drying, and No Bump kept...
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    I can't understand Pilonidal Disease...

    I'll chime in briefly on some of the questions, most of the gang already got things right.... When infected, the fluid tends to follow the path of least resistance, which doesn't always correspond to gravitational pull. If the tissues are weakest above where the fluid is building up, the fluid...
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    Our bandwidth issue

    Robert, we're blocking the IP addresses now of the worst offenders. It's just something that has to be monitored regularly. Thanks for the offer, though!
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    Our bandwidth issue

    You all probably noticed we were down all day yesterday. Spammers from Russia are hitting our servers trying to register for the forums and managed to wipe out our entire bandwidth allotment for the month in just the first 10 days. I'm working with tech support to deny access but this may be a...
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    Today is #GivingTuesday and I'm here to encourage everyone to give back to the organizations in your community that do the heavy lifting of helping and changing lives. Please take a few moments to find a charitable organization to support today. We have a day for giving Thanks, two days for...
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    New York Surgeons

    Adding in Dr. Ernest Chiu, see the post above. He does a variety of flaps, including the Limberg Flap. Does not do Pit Picking or Bascom Cleft Lift. Ernest S. Chiu, MD FACS Director and Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery Helen L. & Martin S. Kimmel Hyperbaric and Advanced Wound Healing...
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    wondering how to upload a photo?

    You can post an image by clicking on the Image icon in the little toolbar (next to the smiley face.) Please heed the size and file format restrictions.