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    Need help in Finland

    3 years ago I had PC surgery and a month ago I noticed the PC coming back. I am from the USA and just here for a few more months, but I need to see a doctor. I am looking for a good doctor in the Turku area who can treat my PC, possibly do a surgery. Anyone know a good doctor?
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    Hole formed where scar is

    I had surgery to remove my PC 4 years ago and I just recently had a reoccurence. This time it is draining through a hole where the scar is. The hole is not as small as the sinus I remember from my first PC. In fact, it's seems to have increased in size over the last few weeks. It drains, but...
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    Help with PC reoccurrence

    I had my first PC 4 years ago and had surgery to remove it. I went under local and general for the procedure. I'm pretty sure mine is considered the "left open" procedure. The doctor putting packing in the open wound, which I pulled out later and then I let the wound heal on it's own. My...