1. Breathe

    Calling All Cleft Lift-ers! Did the bottom open for you?

    Hi guys, Had my cleft lift done 5 days ago by the famous Dr. Bascom and feeling great! I’ve read a lot of stories that it’s common for the bottom of the incision to open up slightly but heal on it’s own. Hoping that doesn’t happen but we’ll see. I wanted to start this poll to see a couple...
  2. O

    Vac therapy complications

    Hi everyone, wanted your advice on some complications after my second pilonidal excision (open wound treated with VAC therapy). It was a pretty sizeable wound, nearly 12*10*6 cm deep. I had the operation nearly a month ago, and have seen healing on the sides of the wound. The wound has...
  3. P

    I need a second Pilonidal surgery...badly...I'm desperate and don't know what to do.

    Back Story: The year is 2008 and after numerous (mind-numbingly painful) attempts to drain a pilonidal cyst, I was told that I needed surgery. So I got one by Doctor Stites in Oregon, and after a month-long healing process, it was clear that it did not heal correctly. I was told that not much...