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    Anxious Over Cleft Lift

    So am based in Canada and there are no cleft lift surgeons here. I have been dealing with an open wound since my last wide excision which was July 2018. I'm beyond frustrated at this point and don't know what to do, all docs want to keep cutting me apart. I thought of going to Dr. Immerman or...
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    Cleft Lift Procedure - My Experience w/ Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg FY 2018

    I have had multiple appointments and meetings with Dr. Sternberg since 2014, when I was first diagnosed with pilonidal disease. The first time I met Dr. Sternberg was during my initial “flare up” on my pilonidal cyst. I had gone to the ER, which refused to drain an abscess they were unfamiliar...
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    Cleft Lift Surgery Experience

    Hello all, I wanted to post a thread about my experience with the cleft lift pilonidal surgery. I have come to this website for answers about my problems for a couple months now and it has helped more than any other website or doctor. Now that I am about to have surgery, I'd like to document my...