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    Hey! It's been six weeks since operation... quite shallow and seems to be healing very well. I've noticed some exudate... it's slightly greenish turns almost transparent when wiped... just a greenish tinge. No smell. No pain. Just a little annoying... it's not heavy as in gushing out... but...
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    Healing process

    Hey! Names Danny. 25 years old. From Ireland. Want to share my story and progress so far. This can be a scary, uncertain time for someone... especially when 'surgical removal' gets bandied around! Relax. It's not a big deal. You will survive. And thrive. If you want to. Firstly, my story. I...
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    Advice needed about aftercare and exudate?

    Hi, I've had a pilonidal sinus since April 2017, healed over in May 2017 then split later in the month. From May to early December the wound would heal, then split like a cheap zip on a fleece that was too small to wear (best analogy I could think of). Had Karydakis procedure surgery Dec 6th...