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    1 Year post op

    I'm two weeks out of having a year old wound in my butt now wanted to tell somebody how I'm holding up: Had two surgeries on consecutive days , was very traumatic, lots of bleeding had to be rushed be to get the bleeding stopped. After that whole episode, it was about a month or two of packing...
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    Open excision healing advice please

    Hi, I had open excision surgery on 5th april this year, coming up to the three week mark and still having daily visits from the District Nurses. The first nurse who came out the day after my surgery measured my wound and said it was 6cm long, 5cm wide, and 3cm deep. No nurse has actually...
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    19F post recovery 7Months

    Disclaimer, I apologize in advance how long this post will be. I'm including all details in genuine desperation for any advice whatsoever. Hello, My name is Autumn and September 2016 I formed a pilonidal cyst. The night I first started getting pain I had gone out drinking and thought that I...
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    My Pilonidal Reoccurance

    Hi everyone! A brief introduction; my name is Kyle and I am 18 years old, from a tiny island in Europe called Malta. I first found out I had Pilonidal Sinus was in March of 2015. It was a very very tiny hole back then, and the doctor gave me pills and when I went for a checkup a few days later...