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    Laser Surgery (Toronto)

    I was diagnosed with this back in May, and my FD's response was to essentially just live with it. I don't exactly feel comfortable with that, and it's very uncomfortable so I started looking into other options. I've been doing a lot of research and have had my eyes on Dr. Morgan in Toronto...
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    Looking for recommendations on St. Louis Laser Surgeons

    I have had a failed cleft-lift 6 months ago at Mercy. After every two weeks of follow ups, my Surgeon has finally scheduled second surgery in two weeks. He used to always say, mine was the worst cyst he has ever seen After researching interest about pilonidal cyst, I found about laser surgery...
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    Laser ablation of sinus

    I have been suffering from Pilonidal Cyst for about 14 years. 12 year before i done with Primary suturing .But unfortunately after 2 year it recurred again. Now there is 5 very small pits. Last 10 year i used have antibiotic with average of once in a three month. Many doctor advise me to go...
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    Pilonidal sinus laser treatment ,does it really work???

    hi guys, i’m new both to this forum and to my pilonidal cyst that i just realized i had a few days ago and quickly went to a surgeon to clean it out of pus and blood, but i couldn’t do the surgery since i will have finals in the next two weeks, so i postponed the surgery till after a month...