open wound

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    Please help, one month after?

    Hello. Around the beginning of October, I noticed that it was hard to sit, walk, and lay down due to an intense pain in my upper crack area. Never had I ever had any issue with that area before. I think it was triggered by landing on my butt too many times in my club sport? I felt a medium-sized...
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    My 2nd op wound healing. 2 open wounds

    Hi everyone :) I'd like to share my story as it is in some ways different to others. I currently live in UK, but originally come from Lithuania. I know it can be annoying to read a long post so I'll try to make it as short as possible. A few years ago I noticed a little hole in my cleft. It...
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    First Time (psyching myself out?)

    Hi everyone! About a week ago I had some minor pain in what I assumed was my tailbone. I figured it would feel better on its own, so I took OTC naproxen, went to bed, and for most of the next day it was still mild. On the third day, I woke up in so much pain, and I kept taking the naproxen, but...
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    HELP! Post pilonidal surgery dressing changing

    Hi all, I have had a pilonidal surgery on the 2nd of December which left me with an open wound of 1.5cm wide and 1cm deep. I have spoken to my GP surgery and seems like they do not have any available appointments with nurses for the next 2 weeks. I have been told to go to a walk in centre and...