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    Constant drainage from sinus. Surgery or other alternative solution?

    I first noticed some issues with my tailbone area last summer when it bled once and I had some discharge that smelled. I thought nothing of it. I had no problems with it until this march when it got infected and increased in size. I went got diagnosed with a pilonidal sinus by my doctor and he...
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    Are these two *painless* hard bumps pilonidal cysts? What are these? They don't hurt and I think I had them for a while. They are pretty hard and are the color of my skin, not red. Should I be worried? I am an athlete and would hate to be restricted by this.
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    Pilonidial cyst drainage healing

    I had my pilonidial cyst drained on the 13th of June. I don't have any pain from the area and no fever or anything, and the wound is closing up quite nicely, it pretty much is closed all the way. There is one thing that is bothering me though. The incision site is still very red, even though I...