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    Hey! It's been six weeks since operation... quite shallow and seems to be healing very well. I've noticed some exudate... it's slightly greenish turns almost transparent when wiped... just a greenish tinge. No smell. No pain. Just a little annoying... it's not heavy as in gushing out... but...
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    Healing process

    Hey! Names Danny. 25 years old. From Ireland. Want to share my story and progress so far. This can be a scary, uncertain time for someone... especially when 'surgical removal' gets bandied around! Relax. It's not a big deal. You will survive. And thrive. If you want to. Firstly, my story. I...
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    Help needed, could I possibly have a Pilonidial Cyst?

    I’m worried I might have a pilondial cyst, 2 days ago I noticed my tailbone hurting and didn’t know why. I then discovered a very small lump on the left side of my tailbone. You can’t see anything when looking at it, but if I push hard I can feel it. I’m not in excruciating pain but it is...
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    Quiet pilonidal cyst, with surgery scheduled in a week and a half

    Hi every one.... I have been having flare ups with pilonidal cyst for a while now, usually going away on there own. This year I needed to go to the emergency room to have it lanced and packed, it went away and returned and when I went to the emergency room they said it had popped and was flat...
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    Dull aching pain. Need advice!

    hello, First off I'll give a little background info:- In the past 3 years Ive had 5 operations to remove pilonidal cysts which have turned into sinuses, as well as having numerous flare ups in between, controlled by antibiotics. These don't seem to work anymore as Ive had them on and off for 3...
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    Z-plasty surgery

    hey everyone, I am so so glad I came across this forum and for the last 3 years I have been dealing with a recurring pilonidal sinus. At 18 I first noticed the pain on the top of my natal cleft area and I thought I had bruised my coxic bone. Me being the stress head I am bent over and looked in...