pilonidal solution

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    How I got rid of my cyst WITHOUT surgery

    So my first pilonidal cyst formed when I was barely 19 and I had to get it drained. The doctor said it should clear up when he drained the pus and stuck a gauze with antibiotics inside. Unfortunately, three days later I was in the hospital with the cyst the size of a golf ball and with heart...
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    Cleft Lift Procedure - My Experience w/ Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg FY 2018

    I have had multiple appointments and meetings with Dr. Sternberg since 2014, when I was first diagnosed with pilonidal disease. The first time I met Dr. Sternberg was during my initial “flare up” on my pilonidal cyst. I had gone to the ER, which refused to drain an abscess they were unfamiliar...