polonidal cyst

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    HELP! Parents forcing me to get surgery abroad

    I am a 21 year old college student studying abroad in Italy this summer. Last week I began to develop a cyst. I went to doctor on Saturday, she gave me antibiotics and painkillers. On Monday I went back as I wasn’t feeling any better. He said it wasn’t mature enough and to come back Tuesday. I...
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    Debating surgery... Help!!?

    I’m finally completely fed up with my polinidal cyst. I am planning on calling a surgeon soon and booking an appointment to discuss my options regarding the cyst. From what I understand there are multiple ways to deal with the cyst, such as just draining it and packing it, to full on removing...
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    My closed incision experiment

    hi, I am a 20 years old guy and my pilonrial cyst journey started this march. One day I woke up and felt a little bumb near the tail bone... pain, sweeilling etc. My mom told me that she was expecting it to happen to me because I was born with a little small hole at the buttom of the tail...