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  1. R

    Cleft Lift Procedure - My Experience w/ Dr. Jeffrey Sternberg FY 2018

    I have had multiple appointments and meetings with Dr. Sternberg since 2014, when I was first diagnosed with pilonidal disease. The first time I met Dr. Sternberg was during my initial “flare up” on my pilonidal cyst. I had gone to the ER, which refused to drain an abscess they were unfamiliar...
  2. M

    Going to gym after pilonidal cyst surgery?

    Hey, I had a closed incision cysectomy a few weeks ago, in early July. I plan on avoiding the gym until I fully recover especially since classes start soon. I'm wondering if waiting until early September is enough time. I plan on avoiding lower body exercises and will only do arms, shoulders...
  3. N

    Anyone had cleft lift surgery with in San Diego recently?

    I am going to meet Dr Isho coming Tuesday to get his opinion about my recurrent Pilo. Anyone recently worked with Dr Isho for a cleft list recently? please write you positive/negative experiences with this surgeon. Any other good pilonidal surgeons in San Diego or nearby areas?
  4. Farhan

    Recent Surgery with open wound - No Medical Assistance available

    Hi folks, I have recently joined this forum and seeking for some guidance with your experiences as a doctor or a patient. Before I go in details, please note I work in UAE (Abu Dhabi) and had my surgery in Pakistan (Lahore). As after pilonidal surgery, its difficult to drive for a few days, so...