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    Tips to Overcome the Disease That Worked For Me + My Story

    Hi everyone I am/was a pilonidal cyst patient/victim as most of you are. I am willing to share my story and the tips I used to overcome this terrible "Nest Of Hairs" on the top of our buttcracks. My Story: At the age of about 15, I felt a little lump on my tailbone. Eventually, I was feeling...
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    Tips to ease inflammation and pain? (And a history of my cyst...)

    Hi there. I just recently joined these forums after coming across the website while researching topics about polinidal cysts. If you all don’t mind, I’ll give a quick background to my whole issue. (If you are not interested, feel free to skip through it). I am currently only 17 years old. I’ve...
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    First Time Open Excision- Any Tips Appreciated

    Hi all, 20 y/o female here. Just a little information on my journey: April of 2015- 5 pits were found and sinus tract was removed and closed with stitches. Healing went smoothly with only one stitch popped and minor bleeding but otherwise I was good to go after about 3 weeks and I was en...