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    How daily massages got my wound to heal post-op

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here, and thought I needed to share my experience with my pilonidal nightmare that lasted over a year, but ended up healing from the inside out after seeing a physical therapist and performing daily massages to the scarred area. So, I developed a...
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    To everyone who get terrified when reading stories here!

    First of all, I'm Juan from Colombia, 19y/o male. I've had pilonidal cysts for 3 years now, and before I had like 1 flare-up per year, now, I've had 3 flare-ups in the course of 4 months. So, I decided to search for info online before going to my doctor (and, as I've learned here, I shouldn't go...
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    Worried it’s coming back... would love advice

    I’m 20 years old and as of April 2017 I experienced my first pilonidal cyst. I originally thought I had just bruised my tail bone but as I got sicker and eventually unable to move and in constant pain I realized I had a pilonidal cyst. I had it cut and drained with the wound left open. I only...
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    Opinions Please

    Hey y'all! Just need some opinions of what I should do next, but here is some background information... I am a 21 year old female. I was dealing with immense pain from my cyst right before I went on vacation to Tennessee. As I was in TN the pain became intolerable and I went to an urgent care to...