2nd cyst, got turned away at the ER and really scared


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Need some support guys, they turned me away at the ER because of COVID and didn't deem this an emergency. I am in so much pain no matter how I sit or lay and there is a huge red warm bump where my first cyst was. I am so scared I will develop sepsis from this and it makes me feel generally unwell. I know it has to be incised and drained and I don't think I will have surgery until few months because of COVID.
I am so scared it will become septic and I am in so much pain I don't know what to do.
Ok so this is what I did when I had no clue what the cyst was. I got a sock full of rice and popped it in the microwave for a min and then would put it on the spot until it wasn’t warm enough anymore. And then repeated the process. I was also on 800 mg of ibuprofen.
The heat will bring the cyst to the surface and it might be able to rupture in its own. The pain is excruciating and unbearable and I understand it 100%. As soon as it ruptures it will feel better. I’m sorry you are dealing with this!!

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Yes, as soon as the cyst ruptures you will feel instant relief. I have put 4x4 gauze pad over area, tucked heating pad in yoga pants, and slept with heat all night to get my cyst to drain. I know I need surgical removal, but have put it off. With each reoccurrence, I tell myself now is the time, but then it drains and I'm ok until next episode. It is a scary thing because I start imagining lymph node swelling, sepsis, etc. Try the heating pad while watching movie on TV if you dont feel comfortable with overnight heat application.


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I made a post yesterday about a pilonidal cyst that became infected but they wouldn't take me in at the ER. I had it for 3 days and today morning we went to a surgeon who did an incision and drainage. It didn't hurt as much when he did and he cleaned up the place but didn't give me antibiotics. Tomorrow I will have the packing changed, he put in something to help it drain.

I got home fine but after a few hours I suddenly felt dizzy and lightheaded as if I will faint, like my legs will give out from under me, I laid down and my heartbeat skyrocketed and I was shaking. Both the heartbeat and shaking subsided after a minute but I am still a but lightheaded and feel like I will throw up. My temp is normal.

Is this sepsis? Should I go back to the doctor? I am really scared I will get septic from this, it was opened and drained but I am scared.
100% call if you are worried. I think you’ll be ok until tomorrow because the infection should resolve itself once the cyst opens. You can also take an epsom salt bath and it should help tons! I always got really weak after my cyst would rupture just like you and never was septic


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It's probably nothing, you are probably over worrying about the worst case scenarios. Any signs of high temperature or fever will be a reason to go to ER. Wounds heal best when you have little or no stress.
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