3rd Flare Up


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Last Thursday my cyst flared up. I hoped it would go back down but it did not. As of today I am in so much pain. I went to urgent care earlier to hopefully have it drained before it gets worse. The Dr. stated that he wants me to try antibiotics first. He prescribed bactrim, painkillers and a topical ointment.

I've been crying all day. I feel so hopeless. Today was my last day of spring break and starting tomorrow I'm back on a 6 day a week schedule. I'm balancing work, school, a child and an internship. I graduate in May, so these next two months are power packed. Any time off would be detrimental.

I've had two flare ups before, both needed drained and packed. This is just the pilonidal. I've had ongoing problems with a bartholin cyst as well, with that one drained at least three times, the biopsies and removal of my cervix, along with the total removal of my lymph nodes in my left groin. This makes a total of 8 outpatient procedures. The one I have now will need drained, I'm sure of it, with the rate it is swelling. Unfortunately mine is in my crack, and has never developed an opening for drainage. I'm setting an appointment with my family Dr tomorrow and will return to urgent care if it becomes unbearable.

In the meantime, it's really my head space that is making it worse. I can't stop crying and have not been able to find a positive outlook since Thursday. I was quite depressed for weeks the last time this has happened. I feel all of that returning. I'm in so much pain, feel so unattractive and gross, and am so worried that it's something more than it is. I really do not want to live with this forever. I feel very hopeless that this will keep returning. I absolutely hate having a drainage. I know it provides relief but it always hurts, is very embarrassing and uncomfortable. I feel so cursed. I'm hoping my family Dr can recommend me to a specialist of some sort. I can't stop with the "what if's?" kind of thoughts and my self esteem is so, so low.

Please, if you have any advice on how to stay positive, or how to feel pretty, or how to look at this differently, or who to see in central Ohio, please share. I'm feeling very hopeless right now.
I am in college and had my first flare up a few weeks ago and couldn't move for a week cried everyday, was on antibiotics and I think that helped but it still needed to be drained. Then I got referred to dr.bascom who just did my cleft lift last week. It has been about 10 days and it is almost completely healed and has less than a 5% chance of ever coming back. But it won't because he removed my sinuses and scar tissue etc. just take deep breaths, get it drained when it's ready and call a surgeon. Also take probiotics just to help your body! Hope this helped, it gets better!
Get the surgery done.
I am a 24 year old female and had my first flare up when I was 18, had the i&d done (which was extremely painful) and was told told to hold off on surgery to see if it came back. I had my second i&d done 4 years later, and my third i&d January 2017. The 3rd i&d was so painful I decided to just go through with the surgery. I was avoiding it for years due to working full-time, taking night classes, and applying for grad schools. I also have heard horror stories about the surgery, so I just delt with the pain for years. I wish I got it done sooner though.

I had a closed excision mid march 2017. It was x10 less painful then the i&d's were. The only hard part was that I couldn't sit for about 5 days. I was able to lay on my stomach and use a standing desk for studying. I had the surgery done on a Thursday and returned to work that next Wednesday. I probably could have gone back Monday, but wanted to be cautious so that the incision wouldn't open up.

I had my stitches removed 15 days out. I resumed working out (running and stairs) the next day, day 16. I am now about 3.5 weeks out and have no pain and my incision is completely healed. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope this helps!