4th Pilonidal sinus surgery in 4 years - 18 year old female


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I am a 18 year old female. I was first diagnosed with pilonidal sinus when I was 15. We discovered it a little too late so I had to do the surgery immediately as the doctor suggested. They removed a tennis ball sized area and used the technique where they left it open and took a couple of months until it healed. I used to go to the hospital every single day to change the dressing and for the nurse to take a look. After the wound completely healed, two months later it opened again and I had to do the surgery for the second time exactly a year after the date of the first one, we repeated the exact same process and took good care while change the dressing each day until it healed. Then last summer, it opened again and I had the surgery for the third time in 3 years when I'm only 18. It all went well and i travelled to Italy for university and two months ago it opened one more time, I visited a couple of doctors here in Italy and they suggested that I have to repeat it for the fourth time in 4 years. I should be repeating it this month or the next and this time it has been less than a year since the last surgery. As you know this surgery really impacts my daily life and recovery time is a nightmare for me and even after it heals i've been dealing with continuous pain for 4 years now.
I wanted to ask if the recurrence for the fourth time in 4 years at a young age is normal?
if by any way it could be related to skin cancer as I read that its rare but it could happen?
Is there specific symptoms or tests that show if it turned cancerous?
I live in torino, is there any specialised doctor in milan or torino you would suggest?
Thank you so much


Have you looked into a cleft lift surgery? Those seem to have much better success rates than the open technique.

As for your other questions, I am not knowledgeable enough to answer them, sorry.