4th time in 14 months


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It’s been along 14 months suffering I’ve had 4 surgery March October January and yesterday. 3 emergency incision and drainage and one planed closed surgery. It just keeps coming back . I’m feeling very uncomfortable today first dressing change was horrible . Starting this process again Is horrible I’m back on the 3rd of July for a follow up appointment and to discuss hopefully my finally surgery with the nhs any advice of the best procedure to fix this my life’s been on hold for so long and emotionally and physically I’m drained


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What was your most recent surgery? The cleft lift seems to be the best bet. I flew out to Wisconsin and had it done by Doctor Immerman and was completely healed with minimal recovery time. Highly recommend it. No matter how bad it seems it will end eventually.


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I feel you, I had 3 surgeries and it looks like it's actually getting worse with each. Pains anywhere from scrotum to lower back, sometimes sharp, sometimes dull, I'm often unable to focus and do any kind of work. Had a pelvis mri done last week currently waiting for the result. Doctors seem confused because there's no opening atm. Thank God for this website so at least we don't feel alone and isolated with these issues, despite spouses or family trying their best to help.