5 month short diary of Cleft Lift recovery

Luke Wade

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September 28th: surgery - 7 days of bed rest, not much pain. Drove after 12 days which was uncomfortable. In hindsight I think waiting 3 weeks before driving would of been ideal.

October: second phase of initial healing, drain removed, one small opening at bottom of suture and a separate small wound separate from suture which is about one inch away from bottom of suture, near anus. Seeing nurse every other day. Felt very deflated that suture split - but told by surgeon it's rare to not have a split or two.

November: small opening on suture closed, separate wound almost healed. Seeing nurse once a week. Using antibiotic gel.

December: everything healed apart from slight over granulation on the seperate wound, looks like a dry red patch 1cm in length. After coming to my own conclusion that silver nitrate could be halting my last stage of healing I researched home remedies for slight granulation and discovered table salt could work. Sprinkled table salt on area and it went away in a few days. Very pleased with myself!

January: all healed! scar tissue getting lighter in colour!

Luke Wade

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Hi there. No pain what so ever. I check the scar every few days, to clean the area. Looks a little dry but apparently this is normal for scar tissue.