6 months post cleft lift


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I just wanted to shed some light on this procedure for anybody who is considering surgery to fix their problem once and for all. I am 35 years old, male, and only had a single abscess from this disease about a year ago after having the pits with slight bleeding on/off for about 4 years. After much deliberation and research (I'm a healthcare professional myself) I chose to do the cleft lift 6 months ago. I am quite disappointed with the colorectal surgeon community who, out of the 17 colorectal surgeons in my area, only perform the open excision with the awful recovery. They will not even consider any other option other than the open excision, which is disappointing. I was very glad when I found this website and learned that other options are available. I searched all the articles on PubMed from the last year, and the one that was most enlightening to me was entitled "Common surgical procedures in pilonidal sinus disease: A meta-analysis, merged data analysis, and comprehensive study on recurrence." From Feb 2018. Table 3 shows the 10 year recurrence rates between the known procedures, and the Bascom cleft lift had the best 10-year rate by far. I imagine the 20-year rate will also outperform the open excision as well. The PDF of doctors who perform cleft lifts on this website led my to choose an excellent general surgeon in my area (Dr. Lambert in north Texas is amazing BTW). Recovery was not bad, only 2 weeks off from work, and 2 months of restrictions. I only had some minor bleeding on the incision which we believe was because of a stitch. 6 months later, I just got back from a trampoline park! I feel like I got my life back because I don't have to worry about this horrible condition. Only time will tell if whether or not the surgery was a success, but I am very optimistic I will not have to worry about it coming back again. BlueCrossBlueShield covered the procedure even with full high dedictible, no prior authorization required with less than $5,000 OOP cost. Have hope, be optimistic, know that there are options, and any bad stories you read out there...you probably didn't hear 10 of the good stories. I am glad I had my cleft lift, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Cleft lift may not be for everyone, but it certainly felt right for me. Good luck out there! -Kevin