A big bruise? What??


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So...I finished my course of antibiotics and will see the doctor next week to talk about surgery or next steps. I mentioned in another post that a week into this, I developed a second issue, a very painful and red small slit-like cut that showed up near the top of my butt cheeks. I put some Calmoseptine on that and covered it with gauze, which helped the discomfort a lot. After reading here what has helped people with their cysts, I started applying tea tree oil from the dimple/hole, on up to the top of my butt cheek area (I don't know where my actual cyst is--I've never seen or felt a lump). While applying the tea tree oil yesterday, I noticed that the skin between my upper-most butt-cheek area felt, for lack of a better description, granular in texture. That's a change and I thought it was weird. Perhaps a rash.

This is all really hard since I can't twist around to see what's going on back there, let alone try to twist, hold my butt cheeks open, and get a look at anything while backing up to a full-length mirror. I managed to more or less do that successfully this morning and now it turns out there is no evidence of a rash at all, but there's a sizeable dark purple/black bruise there between my butt cheeks, near the top (not where the dimple/draining spot is--that's a bit lower). It's about the size of a 50-cent piece. What the actual heck??

My internet search yielded nothing--just pictures of people who've had coccyx impact injuries from falling. I have not fallen, bumped into anything, etc. I've barely touched the area and when I have, it has been ever-so-gingerly just to apply Hibiclens, Calmoseptine, or tea tree oil (so, no rubbing or scratching or anything). Since I can't think of how in the world I could get a nasty bruise between my cheeks, I'm wondering if this is somehow part of this whole pilonidal experience. Thoughts?