A month after the cyst...


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It's been a month after I posted here that I had a cyst. I started noticing a huge bump after a 12-hour drive and a few days later I had a flare up, somewhere before Thanksgiving. My husband drained it twice and the cyst went down. I took some amoxicillin and pain killers while dealing with this, but it's been a month since then. The pain started going down, and now there's no pain. I can sit for a really long amount of time without feeling any uncomfortableness. We've been checking the area where the cyst is and there's no bump, there's a small stretch mark-like scar, but it doesn't hurt.

Now, there's a different problem. My tailbone still hurts sometimes, I can feel the pain, but only when I press on it too hard with my finger. I can sleep on my back and sit with no pain, but sometimes I feel slight discomfort.

Also, after my cyst disappeared - I got a little dimple in the middle of my butt crack which after a while it turned into a small pore-looking hole. It's really tiny, you can't really tell it's there. Me and my husband usually use a phone flashlight to look at it, lol. When you stretch it out you can see the bottom, it's not deep, but (again), not really visible without the flashlight.

I've been keeping my butt clean. Washing it with soap, hot water. I do hot towels once in a while because it feels really nice, even though I don't think they're required.

I haven't gone to the doctor yet. I just got insurance through my husband that starts as of the 1st of January, so I'll be going then.

I was just wondering if maybe someone can tell me what it could be. I've been thinking it's probably a sinus? Maybe for a cyst that's more under the skin?
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