After 8 months =)... Sucefull closed excision


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Hey guys... im from chile, so i speak only a little bit of english... sorry for my bad vocabulary =)

I had my pilonydal cyst since the last year, and it really sucks... Cause my lifestyle was (and is) very active... I play basquetball, im on gymnastics and doing some cool stuff on cheerleading ;), and i have a band... well, my pilonidal cyst was causing me some troubles and pain, so i went in surgery in march after think it a lot!... it was scaaary!!!!!

Well, i picked the "excision with primary closure" method... my incision was 8cm long, and 6 cm deep... with ugly stitches XD!!

I started with my recovery... so here some tips!!

Drink a LOT of water!!! sleep well... and eat a lot of good food ;)
be active, move a little bit on the first few days (to stretch a little the stichtes :p)... and, in my opinion, dont sit until the second or third week!!!!

I did that and my wound healed veery good... yeah, after 2 weeks or less i was SO BORED!!!! i remember that i only wanted to do some exercise... XD

I started on basquetball after a month (taking it very easy), and in gymnastics again after 1 1/2 months ;)... but i couldnt do abdominals without pain, or lying on my back until two months, so be carefull with your healing wound!!!!!!!... only give it time, and it will heal so good

mmm, i think that´s all... i will come back for posting my "status" :p

Saludos desde chile...!!

PD: My weight is 65kg, and my eight is 1,83mts!! i do some tricks and parkour anyway... Now, i have no problems with rolls and that stuff =)


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Hey guys. I remembered that i've posted a long time ago in this forum. So, i'll do a little actualization!

So far, i've doing very great! No signs of the cyst coming back. It was literally on my tailbone and it really sucked. Just there is a very little pain on my back that i've felt since I recovered from the surgery, that appears after been siting still for times like 5-6 hours. Nothing to worry about: I checked with two medics (2013 and 2019) that is only 'the scar': collateral damage... :'). Now I have a master's degree on Social Anthropology! So, you can imagine... years of University, hard chairs and computers. At this rate, I think that I'll do a routinary check on 2022.

I'm still doing sports, in particular, cyclism and cyclo-touring. So, you can imagine that in long trips, the spot where my wound was aches a little! I've crossed the Andes Mountains in bicycle 4 times: from Chile to Argentina forth and back in 2015 (Paso Internacional de Los Libertadores, aprox. 3,5k altitude), and one time in 2018 the same International Pass forth through Los Libertadores, and back through Paso de Agua Negra (4,7k altitude). In both travels, more than 1,000km cycled on almost continous days, plus the years of preparations seated on the bicycle.

Now I weight 78kg, and my height is 1,85mts. My body contexture is normal: not fit, not fat. I like to eat a lot, so don't think that I have a 'fitness' body: just the legs thx to the bicycle! Now I'm 26 years old... 10 years and counting free from that cyst. I hope that I could do a actualization in 10 years with the same status!

Hope from the bottom of my hearth that all of you are doing great. Be safe and try to stay at home! This pandemic have killed my paternal grandmother :(. And a final tought about the cyst: if you are sure about picking the "excision with primary closure" method that I mentioned on the first message, be strong and calm! Hear your body, if you have a question ask a medic when you feel you should do, keep the focus on a good recovery and live your life without that cyst! =).