Almost One Year Post Cleft Lift Procedure

I haven’t posted since late last summer.
My 18 year old son had very extensive pilonidal disease. After researching we decided to find a surgeon trained to do the Cleft Lift procedure as it offered the greatest chance of a cure.
I just wanted to update that he healed up quickly and everything is still going well almost a year post-surgery.
Is your son ok with the way the scar looks and the way it changed the look of his back side? This is one of my concerns with the cleft lift-- that my 17 year old son will wish we had tried pit picking first.
I had my cleft lift in January and the healing has been amazing! I’m so happy I had it done and the scar actually doesn’t look that bad. It was more than worth it to me to not have to worry about this again! So glad your son is still doing well!