Any advice for closed surgery after care


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I got my first pilonidal sinus 9 months ago and it always only leaked blood. I never felt any pain and the blood leaking from the sinus was like a cycle. One month there was leakage other month I was fine. Very rarely I felt uncomfortable sitting when it did happpen it lasted a few seconds. (I'm 20 years old)

However just 2 days ago I got surgery done which was a wide open incision. The surgeon was supposed to clean it out and then make a decision from there however I had just one large cavity and it was already clean with very minimal debris/hair. He said he decided to give me the benefit of the doubt and stitched it up for me.

I haven't sat down on my bottom since I always been either laying on my left or right side. My thighs are beginning to kill ontop of the pain I already feel from the surgery. I'm taking painkillers which are currently helping. But I'm also constipated, I'm afraid if I pass my bowel movement I might open the stitches. I currently have a dressing over it and the only advice I got was to keep it clean and dry.

So far I only been laying around anyone who has been through this got advice on:
1. What I should do regarding bowel movements?
2. How to keep area clean without using shower or bath?
3. After how many days will the pain significantly reduce after surgery?
4. Any tips on sitting/laying?


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You will need to take a stool softener as going to toilet afternis horrible. Try and relax while going and make sure you follow any guidance about keeping clean. I wasn't able to get mine wet while I had stitches in. I also had a drain as mine was very big. I'm 8 mths post op and have been doing well but he anxiety is always there at the moment. I drove after 8wks but it would depend on how big or what info you have been given.
Keep on your pain relief while ever u need to as I found that in the night I would wake up. I used pain med for around 2 wks then slowly came off them.
Take care z