Any succesful stories of treatment that do not invole a surgery?

I fisrt encountered this in September and ended up in emergency care from the pain. Couldnt sleep, walk, or anything. I had it drained by the emergency care then saw a specialist who put a connector in to the pit and cyst to further drain it all. It went away but now its starting to come back. No pain or anything so far but I know it is down the road. Has anyone had success without a cleft lift or removal surgery? Also, has anyone had one of these surgeries that has not gone well? From what I have read a lot of people recommend it. With that said, I would still like to avoid the inconvenience of surgery.
Look into Epsit, get that. Cleft lift is an outdated procedure, something for extreme cases perhaps.
Pilofighter, please contact me. Where did you get epsit done?? I cannot find anything about epsit in the us. I'm having a really hard time because I just surgery to lance/drain/ remove the abscess today and my doctors are saying I need to have the actual surgery done soon. But I live in texas, and non of the surgeons here know anything about epsit or even cleft lift and I'm really stressed. If I'm in this much pain now just after a removal of an abscess, I can't imaging what kind of pain I'd be in after an excision surgery.
My son's excision surgery did result in pain and not being able to sit for a prolonged period. The cleft surgery was not as painful and he was able to sit for extending periods of time from the day of surgery.