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Hey everyone,
I am a 21 year old female who has been suffering from PS as early as I can remember. When I was young, the cysts would generally drain by itself and so I didn’t really pay attention to it. Fast forward to 20 years, my cyst had become so infected that I had to get it drained out for the first time in my life.
I went to the ER and got it drained, then proceeded to do daily visits to the doctors to clean it up until it closed ( i had a 2cm deep open wound ).

Afterwards, my cyst came again, not even 3 weeks later but this time, I was adamant on finding my own remedies, as I spoke to many people who had undergone the surgery and told me it came back weeks later. Also the risk of recidivism is high with PS.
So here I am sharing my tips for at home car that has been so far succesful and doctors are even taking notes of what I do so they can tip their own patients who have PS.
I have found that tea tree oil is by far your best friend with PS. It litteraly cleanses the infection. Same with castor oil, it moisturizes the area and prevents that annoying itch.
Ever since I’ve done that, my cysts come but they are smaller, very soft to touch and drains by itself (TMI: it smells like tea tree when it does!) with sometimes the help of my hands to squeeze out as much pus as I can, then I patch it up daily to prevent the scar from touching other surfaces (i would really recommend to always cover the surface with gauze and tape, it’s really important as wounds can stay open

I would definetly recommend to anyone who suffers from PS to apply day and night a mixture of castor oil and tea tree oil. It really helps in preventing a worst infection in the furure. PS is hard and can be very embarrassing so to my fellow people who have it, don’t worry! Take care of it daily,keep the zone clean, apply this mixture and see the difference! It might not work for everyone but I would love to hear some feedback of those who have found this successful!

Kindest regards.


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Hi- thanks for posting your story & care regimen. I too have been using tea tree & even Tucks (witch hazel). I am new to even knowing what this is, I was always sore like a bruise or something, since my late 20s. Only within the past month have I found a name for it, as it has been flaring up & becoming more sore which prompted me to research what it could be. I have yet to have any surgeries at all, & came here to get feedback from others who have tips & experience with treatments/different surgeries, & healing. I'm sure at the time you got yours drained it was dire...have you found that the drainage helped long term? Do you know if draining it actually takes out the "debris" or whatever that causes the cyst to begin with? How was your recovery time & are you fully healed from it? I'm debating getting a surgery but am unsure (kinda horrified). My cyst is rather flat but a sinus has formed, so it's concerning that it could flare up & stay a literal pain in the a**. It has never gotten super large or obvious in terms of fluid-filled, but I have no idea what's going on behind the surface & it's sore like someone just kicked me back there. I'm glad you're able to manage yours as it starts, I'm trying to do the same. I recently put some tea tree on mine & it almost made it worse, but I think it just drew the toxins to the surface & then it drained a little from the sinus. I need to try the castor oil. I think what also confuses me about these is how everyone's is different- mine is pretty much flat all the time but has an obvious sinus off to the side? It seems like it's almost an open sore. I believe, like you, I've had this for awhile & never knew until years later (this past summer for me). Is your Pilo sore even when it's not super inflamed & do you plan on getting any surgery, or are your treatments adequate for you? Thanks in advance for any feedback, these things are perplexing


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Hey Blue! Thanks for the reply!

No worries, I figured out what a pilonidal cyst was the day I had to get it drained (lol!). I will totally go through my drain story so you can get a better picture. I know you are afraid, so was I lol! But I want to be as honest as possible in terms of pain and what you should expect.
So usually, when my cyst would come it would generally drain by itself and i didn’t really pay a lot of attention to it until in late February 2019 when I realize that it was not going to drain by itself but is getting bigger by the minute and even more painful. I couldn’t sit, the only comfortable way was lying on my tummy. I remember waiting in the ER for about 12 hours in which I was crying for most of the time and nurses giving me pain meds every two hours. So when I came into the doctor's office, they bluntly told me that it has to be drained and that they would give me a numbing shot right on the cyst... (yeah you can imagine). So they actually ended up giving me the same shot twice because it hadn't been properly numbed (i was really stressed as I usually have no pain tolerance whatsoever when it comes to medicinal procedures haha). They drained it and put in a gauze wick (not really sure if that's the word) - as my hole was 2cm deep. I would go daily to the nurse and change it with no pain meds (the first week was
awful - i would do a combo of 1 naproxen pill + 1 advil) as requested by my nurse to ease the pain. So they explained that this would become a 2-3 days procedure after 3 weeks as they would do it so long as my hole closes and rejects the wick.
After the 3rd week, on one of my appointment, the nurse told me ''Congratulations! It's gone and the wick fell out completely''.
I was so relieved. I was in the process of switching jobs and I found that stress really triggered my cyst.

Until 2 weeks later when it reappeared at my new job. It was bleeding and super soft to touch, different from the first very solid golf-ball like cyst that I had to get drain. You can imagine how I felt there, thinking how am I going to get a medical leave when I just started. So I called the nurse again and she told me something very interesting and is that if it starts to drain itself, that I could take care of it at home by just pushing out the pus myself and making sure I go allll the wayyy and push most of it as I can before applying gauze and repeating the same treatment daily.
As I was scarred from the ER, I asked my mum to help me and she would squeeze it on the daily, apply alcohol and patch a gauze up. In the meantime I did research and came about the tea tree+castor oil combo. It healed completely on the 2nd week. Right now (and as of today),I am at the point where I can say it came back maybe 5-6 times after draining it, so to say it's worth it.. I'll explain more. As of today, my cyst is never flaring up but releasing blood sometimes and my hole has a hard time healing completely through, so I gauze it up most of the time.

The reason why I decided to take care of it at home and not to go to a hospital and get a surgery right now is this ; on my new work my trainer was actually a girl who also happened to do the full PS surgery! I felt so relieved to have someone that understands. She told me that she did the whole procedure and was bed-ridden for almost 2 months. She had to get a bigger gauze changed at home by nurses. She also told me that once it was completely healed, not even a week later it appeared again (and she did the actual surgery and not the drainage only). She told me she went on vacation around that time and ocean water completely healed her forever lol - I wish! So she told me she regrets the whole procedure in the first place.

The truth is that pilonidal cyst is always going to come back on most people. Since I don't have a family doctor at the moment, most of the doctors I've seen throughout the years takes my home regimen with oils into their notes and shares them with their own patients. They tell me that the chances of getting a cyst back when you do the surgery is more than 50% (would have to look that up and confirm but it's just what they say). So now I find myself thinking that if I am to go through this tough procedure I would rather have it gone forever and if there is a likelihood of coming back then why bother if I can take care of myself? But this is a double edged sword, as like you've said, we don't know what's going on ''behind the scenes''.

If this is your first time, I would strongly advise you to see a doctor first. It's important that you get some answers out and then you can come back and share them if you will, but a medical examination is important to determine what's going on. You seem to have the open sore like me so make sure you patch that up daily and prevent the spread of this infection. For the location of the cyst ; i can have it in many different places (off to the side, center, down lol), like you've said, it's different from people to people. So long as i apply my ointment and patch on and release pus if i have to it heals back really fast (in like 2 days). I will definitely plan on going back to a doctor to check it out but as of now I am pretty much getting the same answers (it's a lifetime thing, so many people come daily for this, what's the secret... lol). So I've decided to help out people in the meantime as it's a very important cause for me so feel free to write me whenever you want, we're all in this together!



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As for the behind the scenes part, I forgot to mention that I actually went to a doctor for this lol. Not much like 5 months after my drain story so maybe in this time around back in 2019, I went to the ER again because I had back pains and was scared that it had a link to my PS ( i had heard that it could touch your spinal cord and such ). When I came in, the doctor laughed and told me that there was no such thing, and took in my tea tree oil and castor oil combo and told me to keep doing that (can you imagine lol!).
Anyways I am still on the hunt for a specialized doctor.. Until then, this is what I do ! :)


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Thank you so much for your detailed response! I think one of the hardest things I am finding with this medical issue is that there's not a lot of straightforward info on it, & due to it varying for everyone (stages/phases, locations, surgeries), the information can be overwhelming. I totally agree with you that getting a medical Dr's opinion (or 2, 3, 4 opinions lol) is always good, esp at first. I have 2 appts. set up as of now, but thank you! I completely understand that most people only figure this thing out when it gets bad & they have to act on it. It's terrible like that. I have to count my blessings that mine kinda came up on me, did its thing & made me fully aware of it (ouch), and now is subdued a bit where I can start taking action.

I'm sorry you had to go through such an experience in the ER. Not only the psychological realization of it, but the physical pain, time, and trips to get it packed...that's a lot. I assume you had it healed open (no stitches)? It makes sense about the "wick", I know these things are like valleys & when they drain they leave a dip that needs to fill out & heal over. I actually just recently saw a YT video that animates how it forms, looks, etc. I mean we never really know what's going on under the skin I guess, but it makes total sense. And just seeing it from that view explains how it may never go away & just stays as a pocket that could flare up, drain, etc. I think for me, understanding the makeup of it helps me to understand how to go about treating & managing it. That sucks about your job & it reoccurring right then....right after you think it's on its way out. I do agree with you that stress is not good (for anything), & could possibly affect these cysts flaring up too. It's hard not to be stressed when you find out what this is though, lol. I totally get it. I'm starting to realize that just accepting it is one of the biggest challenges to it.

My job is relatively active, so yeah that's one of my biggest concerns if I were to ever get surgery: the downtime/recovery that would be required, and would it heal properly? Yeah, I heard these are notorious for returning even after surgery so I agree, I would not want to go through that only to have it come back ! Thanks for sharing your co-worker's experience as well. I recently ordered a sitz bath & heard someone else blog that theirs also healed well after being in the ocean! I'm going to start a epsom salt regime soon, just to hopefully heal up that sinus & dry it out. I don't blame you for not choosing surgery, esp if you have insurance changes on top of everything. I also wondered how big this thing was, does it go near your spine etc? but I'm not super worried. The surgeries out there seem to be more invasive, & my ultimate goal is to keep it from flaring up. I also heard there are laser surgeries now (way less invasive), but again not many who practice them & limited info w/ outcomes..... Just throwing out there for your back pain, you should look into getting a Theracane. It's a self massaging cane that is great to work out back knots, kinks & I have found it a total lifesaver even before this PS. Esp with the added stress of these days, it can really help loosen your muscles & just help you relax. Just be SUPER careful to not hit your tailbone :D

I always try to analyze things before I act on them, & I know we all don't always get that chance. I'm so grateful for this website & people like you who share their stories & tips. I personally always try to approach things the most natural way I can, & also have fears surrounding hospitals/surgeries. Hell I barely take a baby tylenol, lol. I totally get your approach. I just bought some castor oil today. I'm glad it works for you. Do you find it to work as a means to help it drain when it flares up, or do you use it to prevent flare ups? Do you make a pre-mixed solution, or just apply both? Right now I am just trying to tackle the sinus I have....In the past mine was more of a dormant, dull pain which I think is why I never knew what it was. The sinus is new to me this time around, but could be good b/c that means the fluid has a means of escape if it needs. I also got some turmeric & tea & am researching other remedies, to try & detox from the inside out. I will def still get a Dr's opinion. I do think mine is fully drained now, it never got big on the surface anyway but damn it still hurt. I just want my sinus to close up now, not sure if it will. I figure as long as I have no fever, aches & the things stay pretty calm, I'm not going to freak. I def have been applying a layer of gauze on it b/c it is still open & to try & keep it dry. Hoping the epsom salt baths will work the next stage !! Thank you so much again for your tips, experience, & advice... I totally agree that we are all in this together & we can potentially help each other more than we know. I'll be around on here & update off/on too to try & help others as I navigate this. If you need any support, or want to share any updates or bounce ideas, I'm open as well. I hope you are feeling ok still !


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@ @MMkss
I meant to ask say yours "heals" in 2 you mean your sinus closes up, or the whole process from flare up to draining? And when you say it came back 5-6 times, how often would you say the occurrences are apart? Thanks again for all you shared