Athlete with pilonidal cyst.

Hi, I'm a college student and powerlifter and I've had a pilonidal cyst drained and it kept me from training for weeks. It's been several months and I feel it starting to harass me again and I'm fearful that I may need surgery which I won't want. I am a national level powerlifter and have lots of big competitions coming up. I cannot take the several months of recovery from the surgery and I would be willing to just live with it for the rest of my life if it wasn't so painful.
I am not a national lifter of any sort, but on the big 3 I was over 1000lbs. The fastest recovery in my honest opinion is the cleft lift performed by about 1 of 5 doctors nationally which you can find scattered on this site or in the surgeon hall of fame. I was back to lifting in 4 weeks with the cleft lift done in April of this year. It did feel a little weird at 1st benching but that went away fast. I really do not squat heavy at all or deadlift anymore, but thats bc I'm older and don't feel like tweaking my back. I've had a few other excision type surgeries and the healing was much longer if it all and the pain was worse lifting with an open draining wound. What part of the country do you live in? That would determine possibly whom you should speak with.