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Post in answer to this thread if you live in Australia. This is specifically so that other AU residents can help each other out with referrals and questions. By posting here, you are letting other Austrialians know that you are open to discussing the problems that you all share. This list will grow over time as more people post. When you post, please put in the details: gender, age, which area you live in.

Thanks for helping others out!!


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Hi My name is Jess and I live in Victoria, on the Mornington Peninsula!!

Please contact me if you like to catch up and talk about this further... I'd be more then happy to talk to someone!!

My partner is having his cyst removed in a couple of weeks....

I'd really like somebody to talk to about this!!

Cheers Jess!


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Hellow All,

I had my modified flap surgery 4-5 months ago and all is well. If anyone in Sydney needs any help feel free to PM me or email me.

best of luck!



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Is anyone here from Perth? If so, what surgery did you go to? I go to the Fremantle Hospital surgery and they are a bunch of clowns in there.

I need to find a better surgery :mad:


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I'm in Newcastle, have had four operations over 20 years, each a different type. willing to chat.


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Butt of a problem

Hi, I had surgery twice (cause they mucked up the first one up) & 10 years later it's back


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I was just wondering whether your surgery was covered under medicare and where you went to get it done. I have heard a few people talking about a Dr Rickard in Concord but am not sure whether itsworth making the trip.
How long were you in hospital?


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Hi. Yep its covered by medicare, although it can be a long wait depending if they decide its not urgent. My latest operation was done in Newcastle under medicare.


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I'm waiting for my surgery. It's going to eventually happen in Hornsby just north of Sydney. (It's gonna be a big one im afraid)


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What type of surgery was covered by medicare? Doc wants to admit me via emergency room and well after reading so much open excision seems barbaric. Im in darwin moving to sydney next year. 27 ur old f with 11 yrs of pain multiple lancings no surgery.


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Hello NSW/Sydney peeps.... Heads up, I might needs some recommendations for a specialist soon. I've posted a more thorough explanation in the general discussion topic. Just waiting for moderators to approve it. Needless to say I'm In pain...