Best abb workout post op

Hey there I had my op on Monday gone and have to get it packed once every day. Probably the best thing I have done is getting it removed and it's rather superficial. Now to the question what workout can I do to gain and keep abs, pre op I was doing sit ups, bicycle sit ups and planking. I know I still have another week to go before I should start exercising but I want to maintain my abs without sitting on my tailbone has anyone had any luck with different exercises post op or have they just gave up?
Like Kelmisty said, dont exersize until ur surgeon/doc gives you the green light. When he does, err on the side of caution you dont want it reopening take it lightly, work your way back slowly.

For abs, I do leg raises, crunches and its variations, planks etc anything that doesnt put pressure on my tailbone. at 10 months post op the no more discomfort obviously on a hard floor if i did do situps i imagine it wouldnt be comfortable but i was never a sit up fan anyway.