Big sigh of relief... :)

I had an open excision on December 17th on a cyst that flared up every now and then for 6 months and then frequently for 3 months but never drained (and was never lanced). The wound was a little more than an inch deep and 4 cm long and was packed during the healing process. It had pretty much filled in after 7 weeks, but took another 7 weeks to heal over completely (probably complicated by a problem with a disc in my back that was occurring at the same time). Aquacel packing laid over the area is what seems to have finally done the trick.

My advice to those dealing with this: Do your research really carefully before making a decision. The first surgery (both the type of surgery and the surgeon) seems to be critical to help avoid recurrances. This site is awesome for getting the info you need - I found my surgeon on here and learned techniques to help healing.

I just want to thank everyone for advice, support and sympathy during the process. I've found this site is also great because I was able to help others while I was healing (I think it kept me positive). Thanks so much Sasha for providing all of this valuable information and a forum where we can "meet" others with this condition.

Yay! It's over!
I never expected to be around here this long, but since I still will be TWO years since my open excision surgery on December 17th and I am still healed and have no problems with my scar. For those of you who only have open excision as an option (i.e. most of us in Canada), I hope that this gives you some hope. I can't stress enough how important it is to have an experienced, knowledgeable doctor perform that first surgery and to follow your aftercare instructions to a "T". I know I had a lot of help with both and though I went through rough patches during the healing, once I healed, I stayed healed. Good luck to all going through this.
Congrats Northern Girl. 2 years is a long time to have stayed healed and lets hope it stays this way.
[:8)][:8)]this is fantastic news. i am soooooo happy for you and yes 2 years is tremendous!
I am now 6 and a half months pregnant and was asked at my last doctor's appointment about past surgeries...that's when I realized that I've now been healed for 3 years (my "anniversary" of my surgery is about a week ago)! The area has not been affected by my pregnancy, which had been one of the things I'd been worried about. Just wanted to give a positive story for those contemplating surgery.
Congratulations on your pregnancy
Thank you for continuing to post and giving those of us considering surgery hope for a positive outcome. You must be getting close to welcoming your little one into the world
I wish all of the best.
Just wanted to update again - it's been a few years now since I've been here and I am still pilonidal and symptom free! I have now been through 2 pregnancies with no problems at all. My first and only surgery was all I needed and I am so grateful to have gotten it done before I got pregnant after reading some of the pregnancy/flare-up stories. I remembered this site today when I noticed my 15 month old daughter has a pilonidal dimple...genetics sucks in this case, but at least I will be aware of it as she gets older and hopefully able to help her avoid going through what I went through! Good luck to those still on the journey - there is a light at the end of the tunnel for many of us!
Hoping to be in your position 10 years from now. Thank you for all of the support and encouragement. I am booked with Dr. Monaghan Jan 21 2k19. Holding on on antibiotics atm. Happy new year to you and fam. May you never feel this pain again.