Birmingham/West Midlands fibrin glue treatment

good morning everyone. I'm Felipe, recently moved to the UK and discovered that NHS have been using fibrin glue in treating the cyst (! I'm very happy for I live with the cys for more than 7 years now, and back in Brazil, even though I sent some doctors plenty of published studies on medical journals, they wouldn't show interest in performing it. That being said, I consulted with my local GP but he had no experience with the cyst or fibrin glue treatment and referred me to Queen's Elizabeth, so I'm on the wait, which can take some time. I'd like to know who had the fibrin glue treatment from NHS here in West Midlands and if they could share their trajectory... I'm even considering looking for a private clinic to speed up the proccess, if the price is accessible. All accounts on that matter are welcome. thanks!

I heard there was a surgeon using it in Nottingham he has a paper on it and is nhs and private but it would depend on your history and if it's appropriate.
Dr Lund at Royal Derby Hospital does the fibrin glue procedures. I've just had my 5th op following a flare up & my consultant is suggested referring me to Dr Lund for the glue once this one healed. I hadn't heard of this approach until Tuesday so I can't say I know much about it! Derby isn't a million miles away from you, perhaps your GP could refer you.
Good luck! Let us know how you get on either way.
G x