Butt Shaving To Do or Not to Do

Butt Shaving To Do or Not to Do

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I've shaved and had recurrances. I've skipped shaving and had recurrances. One thing I do know is that by not shaving the surrounding area, even after the wound had closed, would get really irritated. I also recommend the personal trimmers, i.e. finishing touch, that you can buy at the drug store as opposed to traditional razors. You can get in the area better because the trimmers are smaller.


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I really think that this disease has to do with weight. My doctor told me that your weight can be a contributing factor because you have a dimple at the top of you crack and the heavier you are the deeper the dimple is, which my doctor tells me can cause more bacteria and hair and lint to get trapped in there cause the cyst. I'm heavy and i believe that was a contributing factor in my cyst althought I never shaved the area. I would think that would just make it iritated and cause ingrown hairs which would cause another cyst outbreak. I'm considering perminent hair removal, I mean who want to shave their butt for the rest of their life anyway.

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Do you shave the area and has this prevented reoccurences?


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I stopped shaving after I had a mishap, not very pleasant! I do have a reoccurance. Although, I would like to state that no hair was found in my first pc.

pcbhopp, I really don't think weight contributes to everyone. I know there's several people that post on here that are far from being overweight. One guy I seen on here is in really good shape and does some sort of biking type stuff. I'm not as small as I used to be but when I got my first one I was excerising and training race horses and the stables I worked for didn't want you to be much taller or heavier than the jockeys, so I obviously wasn't even close to being over weight. Also, before this one reoccured, I may weigh more but I was also strength training in free weights. If anything, my pc has caused me to put on a few more pounds since it hurts to be anywhere near as active as I usually am.

I'm not saying that it isn't a contributing factor, but I do just want to state that I don't think that's the case for everyone.


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There are so many factors that can cause a p. cyst, that it's really hard to pinpoint. Although obesity and extra weight may exacerbate the problem, it's usually not the cause.


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My son is 18 and in near prime shape, we are contemplating laser hair removal to counter our strong (german hair gene). 9 months post op. Still trying to achieve complete closure.


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Take my reply with many grains of salt as I am no expert but I have thought about this topic and from what I have read there are several ingrown hairs in the cyst? If so, and if that is a possible cause I think no, do not shave because that in itself can cause ingrown hairs.