Canadians who have gone to Dr. Sternberg?

Hi there,

After 3 years of trying to figure out a surgical solution in Canada that I felt good about, after my worst flare up yet I have decided to bite the bullet and have booked surgery with Dr. Sternberg in San Fransisco. His staff have already been amazingly kind and helpful, and I have an uncle who is a general surgeon that lives in the bay area that I can stay with and who can monitor my post op recovery, so it is ideal in many ways.

What is not ideal obviously is the money side of things!
Have any other Canadians here taken this leap? I don't have the means to pay the entire sum up front, so I am looking into credit care and am wondering if anyone else financed their procedure and how that worked if you weren't a US resident. (were you still eligible for credit care as an example). Trying to figure out how to make it all work!

(please don't respond advising me to not get surgery or to choose a different surgeon. Those are decisions that are final and your commentary won't be helpful. I just need advice on navigating the US health system as a Canadian!)

Thanks in advance!