Cleft lift 5 years later

Luke Wade

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Oh yeah it's like 5% of what it was. Flat graze, like if you scrape your knee a bit, that stage just before a scab forms. About the size of a penny. Just getting impatient now, I think aquacel at this point is making it just a bit too moist. I'll give it a couple days without aquacel and see how it goes. Sometimes you just gotta switch it up :)


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I had my cleft lift surgery with Dr Lambert in McKinney, Texas, 5 years ago. I'd been living with an open wound for months from my failed second pilonidal excision surgery when I decided to make an appointment with Dr Lambert based on a recommendation from this forum.

That surgery changed my life. I'd been dealing with pilonidal cysts since high school and had gone through two surgeries, open wound packing, so much stress and discomfort and embarrassment. This stupid disease made me depressed, made me gain weight, and ruined my sex life.

It took a while for me to heal because there was a lot of scar tissue. I still sit on a coccyx cushion at my desk and for long car trips, because some of the lowest scar tissue isn't very stretchy. But I can ride my bike and do any physical activity without worrying about the cyst coming back or the wound to open up. I highly recommend it for anyone dealing with this issue.

Hi Imprimis,
Would you be able to share a post surgery photo? My son is 17 and we are deciding between pit picking with a San Antonio surgeon and the cleft lift with Dr. Lambert. My son has 5 pits, a large sinus hole close to his anus and has had abscesses on both sides of his tailbone, so I'm not sure a pit picking will be enough. The only thing holding him back from getting the cleft lift is concern over how his backside will look post surgery. Dr Lambert does not have any post surgery photos to share with us. So I'm reaching out to his patients on here to see if you would be open to sending a photo of your healed backside. It can be from a distance standing up-- just so he can get an idea of what a cleft lift by Dr Lambert may look like. I totally understand if you aren't comfortable sharing this, but I do think it will help put his mind at ease.


TxMom, I stopped looking at this forum years ago, and I apparently did not receive email notifications of all the comments here. I apologize.

I'm not comfortable sharing photos given the sensitivity of the area. I hope that your son opted for the surgery because it sounds like he needed more than pit picking. Absolutely no one can tell I've had the surgery, not even in a bathing suit or underwear. Post-surgery it was a little pink, but went back to normal skin color over time. I honestly don't even think about these days, unless I'm in an uncomfortable chair or trying to do navasana in yoga.


Imprimis, you did say this on another post tho..

"It's been three weeks that the bottom of my wound has been split,after a cleft lift five and a half weeks ago, and it shows no signs of healing."

Conflicting with what you're telling me in this thread, confused.

I'm in the same boat is all (2 weeks post op)

I'm sorry, Luke, I haven't looked at the forum in years. I posted about my recovery years after the surgery, so it seems I forgot about the extra healing I had to go through.