Cleft lift... but have an active cyst

Hi - I was wondering if anyone knew whether it is possible to have a cleft lift procedure, whilst you have a cyst in the area (or whether it needs to be a completely cyst-free area, for the surgeon to operate)?

I am fairly sure it has not progressed into an abscess, as the pain is next to zero, it is very small (like a dimple), and have no fever or symptoms of an infection etc.

It is my second pilonidal cyst, after a previous small incision and drainage procedure on the site.

Any advice re above would be greatly appreciated!

I haven’t had a cleft lift but may be going for one soon. My understanding is when you have a cleft lift any sinus is removed and the skin is reshaped in the gluteal cleft area to be shallower. I don’t think it matters if you have an active sinus or not. I have had three surgeries in a year, the first to remove a sinus and left closed. Unfortunately I developed an abscess underneath the wound so had to undergo another procedure which left me with a huge open incision. It took from January until October to heal but a further sinus developed sp that month I had the sinus removed and left with a closed incision. Fast forward to now I have another larger sinus which has developed so will be seeking advice from the colorectal surgeon as to what can be done. If they opt to do a cleft lift, it will be to remove the sinus and reshape. I will let you know how I get on! I wish you all the best and hope you can get your PD sorted.