Cleft Lift Surgeons - USA

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The first two doctors checked in Great Falls MT have reported that they preform the cleft lift procedure. I find this unlikely since the only one listed on the surgical sheet is in Billings. However I have an office visit scheduled with one next week and plan on using some of the other provided "Cleft Closure" or "Bascom Procedure" language. Is there anyway to know for sure that they indeed do the correct procedure? Has anyone else had this difficulty?

I have previously had drains and a pit pick done FYI.

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I had cleft lift surgery on September 26th with Dr. Melinda Hawkins in Seattle, WA. She is a colleague of Dr. Bastawrous, who is already on the list, and she is a Board-Certified Colon and Rectal Surgeon. She was the only doctor to correctly diagnose and operate on me, and I saw 4-5 other doctors before that. Though I'm not quite out of the woods yet, I think she's done a really good job so far, and she's the only doctor I trust to handle this issue. She's very knowledgeable, nice, compassionate, and confident, but she also has a no-BS style. She doesn't sugar-coat things from what I've seen. She has the same contact info and is based out of the same office at Swedish as Dr. Bastawrous on the list.
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How have you recovered since your sx? I’m wanting to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hawkins myself. My case seems to sound “complicated”, as I have 2 open/draining pits with one being near my anus...
The colorectal surgeon Dr Elisa Birnbaum (Colorado) is on the list for doctors performing Cleft Lift. I don't see any post by anyone using her and having successful Cleft Lift surgery? Please post if you have been treated by Dr Birnbaum and what procedure was done.
Due to the increasing number of people looking for information on surgeons who are performing the Cleft Lift (or have at least heard of it), we are providing the list in PDF format. The list will be updated as new names are added. Please note that the names in RED are those surgeons that we KNOW to be practicing Cleft Lifts successfully. The others are known to only have requested info on the procedure.

Help us keep the list up to date! If you call someone on the list and find them retired or moved, let us know! Likewise, if you find a surgeon who is doing Cleft Lift and isn't on our list, let us know.
Hi Sasha, I was wondering if there is a reason that Dr Audet (Colorado) is no longer on the list of surgeons doing pit picking and/or cleft lift. My condition has been in remission for a few years, but has now returned. I see that Dr Elisa Birnbaum has been added, but I can't find any patient responses for treatment with her.
I tried contacting Dr. Audet and they say she is just a trauma surgeon and you cannot make an appointment to see her. I don't know anything about Dr. Elisa Birnbaum. I wish there were some testimonies by people who have seen her.