Cleft Lift w/Dr. Bascom


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Hi everyone, I want to document my experience with my pilonidal cyst. Mine first popped up in 2017 and I elected not to have surgery right away on the off chance it would go away. Wrong. Three very painful lancings later, I decided to get surgery. My surgeon back home wanted to have open wound excision surgery, but the more I read about it, the less I cared for it since the healing time would take away from my life. I'm very active and have a full time job, so I wanted something that would have a minimal healing time. Thanks to this forum, I managed to find something for me. I hope that in writing this, someone who is on the fence or committed to doing a cleft lift will better know what to expect.

I chose to go to Dr. Bascom since he's basically the man for it (after all it's him and his father's namesake), my insurance supports his clinic, and he's relatively close. I placed a call with Northwest Surgical Specialists (NSS) and was told I needed a referral from my doctor. I had my doctor's office fax over a referral which included pictures. About a week later, NSS setup an online patient portal account where more documentation on my condition could be made. On the online portal, you upload pictures of your butt with markings in different locations which help Dr. Bascom evaluate whether you're a good candidate for cleft lift without seeing it himself. Obviously, he said I was a good candidate. After verifying my candidacy, NSS informed me of my out of pocket cost after insurance. I did the same for the anesthesiologists office and the surgery center. NSS also mailed me a packet with all the medical, housing, and appointment information. Knowing all this, I made plans to fly to Oregon.

I booked a room less than a mile from NSS which makes travel super convenient. After being here for a day, I have to say that Oregon is absolutely beautiful and the people are incredibly friendly. 10/10 for location and people. So much greenary! I plan to check out the Cascades Raptor Center before I leave. The NSS center and hospital is really clean and modern. I was lucky to come when the weather cleared up. Makes being inside after surgery difficult haha.

Day 1: I'm actually writing this just a few hours after my surgery. I had a 9:00 am consult with Dr. Bascom where he discussed the operation and opened the floor for any questions. Dr. Bascom has a very calm demeanor, is easy to talk to, and you can tell he knows his stuff. I checked in to the surgical clinic at 11 am and got prepped for my surgery scheduled for noon. All the staff at the surgery clinic were very professional and accommodating. They wheeled me to the OR and gave me oxygen. I must've taken 5 breaths through the mask before I passed out. I was under for about 3 hours, but the procedure took around an hour to complete. They called my sister in after I woke up.

My feeling upon waking up? I did have pain in the affected area. It was more of dull type of pain. About 5/10 on the pain scale. Two rubberband things were installed inside and around the wound to prevent premature closing and facilitate drainage. We will see how the pain levels go throughout the next few days and weeks. Trying to limit the painkillers if possible. Limitations are no showering until cleared, limit squatting/bending/jumping movements, and try to keep weight on the area as much as possible. I'm lying on my back as I write this.

I'm able to walk (albeit slower than usual) and sit normally. Hopefully the first bowel movement isn't too eventful. I ate Chipotle after so hopefully I'll be OK on the toilet. There is quite a bit of blood from the wound, but it's supposed to taper off in the next few days. The hospital provided me with a bunch of pads for the drainage. I expect to change them every few hours. My energy levels feel normal despite the surgery and although I really want to see more of Oregon, I'm just taking it easy for now. I expect to update this throughout my recovery.

Anyone have questions, please let me know!


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Totally agree with you. This forum is a wealth of information and lead me to Dr.Immerman who is doing my cleft-left next week. Really cool you had Dr. Bascom do your procedure, you're surely in safe hands there.

How goes it for day two and the dreaded 1st BM? Wishing you a speedy recovery and hopefully you can see some of Oregon too!


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Day 2: I still had pain right in the affected area, and it was still draining blood quite a bit. I'm changing out pads around 4 times a day. I thought I could get by without drugs, but sitting down and sitting up became too painful. I took a pain pill which helped a lot. My 1st post surgery follow up with Dr. Bascom went well and he said the wound is healing nicely. He cleared me to shower. As far as my first BM, well my first BM went well. I didn't know what to expect, but nothing really out of the ordinary. Sitting on the toilet does seem to put extra strain on the wound, so eat your vegetables!

After the checkup, I went to see more of Oregon: Dutch Bros, Owen Rose Garden, Raptor Center, Skinner Butte Park, Autzen Stadium, 5th Street Market, and more Chipotle. I think I'm recovering very nicely!