Cleft Lift with Caplan

I had one just 3.5 weeks ago, and haven't experienced any major drainage. I've had a little spotting that is about 1/8" in diameter, but that's it. If you are worried about it, I would definitely call up your surgeon's office. I would offer to take a picture or two and email them if they are not in town. Good luck.
Two times I had very minimal drainage in which it was from the stitches dissolving. I got super worried but turned out to be nothing and I healed up fine. One was actually in his office when he removed stitches and he said its normal when the stitches are removed and/or dissolve. Still good to check with him though as you experience it once and he has hundreds of times. I would say it was more spotting like the previous poster mentioned

Mine was performed by Caplan in April of this year.
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