Cleft-Lift with Dr.Immerman: Dilemma

Hi all,

I have the chance to get the cleft-lift done by Dr.Immerman next Tuesday (06/18/19). I've been working with his office to get it approved through my insurance since May. However, during that time I was offered my dream job to start on June 24th (less than a week after the cleft-lift) and for 5 weeks I have to sit in a classromm from 8-5 with no chance of seeing a physician to remove the drain.

My question to those who had the cleft-lift is: Do you feel well enough and feel that the draininage/post-op complications are pretty minimal within the first 5-7days?

I really want this done, but I've had this thing for 10yrs so if I have to wait it's not that big of a deal.
Well, I decided to just go through with it. I'm all set for next Tuesday to have Dr.Immerman rid me of this pesky thing.

I have never had mine lanced, drained or any other surgical procedures. I'm hoping that makes this easier, but I do have extensive disease that needs to be addressed. All the stories on here have been monumental in helping me though all of this, so THANKS to everyone who posts and shares your experience. Will update again before and after the surgery.