Closed surgery

Hi I had surgery 8 months ago to drain a pilondal cyst which was left open . 8 months later I’ve just had a second surgery closed surgery to remove 2 more pilondal cyst and re drain the original one again. I’m having huge problem only 4 days after the pain killers aren’t really helping and I’ve got huge pressure on the area and a horrible burning feeling . It’s leaking fuild constantly. I’m lost the hospital don’t seem bothered know I’ve had surgery . Help


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Are you currently on antibiotics? I would highly recommend getting the cleft lift procedure as this can be a permanent fix.
Hi yes they put me on antibiotics I had my stitches taken out last week and it split open within an hour there currently packing it. It’s been 2 weeks and 4 days since surgery. There sending a refiral back to the hospital to get me seen again. I’m waiting to find out if I could have a cleft lift via my works private health insurance I’m just so feed up


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I understand completely. It's very frustrating. I had the same thing happen to me and had to get the packing and everything done. Mine wouldn't heal and then it returned so i sought out a new doctor who performed the cleft lift. Hope things get better for you. If you have questions id be glad to help.


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Doctor Immerman in Wisconsin is one of the best out there for this problem to my knowledge. I flew there from NY after having 3 failed operations over the course of a year only making the situation worse and was healed/cured by him with minimal recovery time and no complications. Highly recommend looking into him.