Could it be just an infection?!

Is it a cyst or an infection?

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So I go in and the doctor says its just an INFECTION!!! She says the MRI shows no pits or tracks so there basically is nothing to remove.

Do you think it could be a cyst and that it was just too late to see on the MRI clearly what was going on?
What if it does become a problem again and how will they be able to do anything if they can't see whats going on?

More to the Story:
When I first had this looked at in the cities I went in to have it lanced and he said I will get you a consult with a surgeon, go RIGHT AWAY! I decided to see someone closer to my college. By the time she had seen it I was on the end of my antibiotics and it was already healing up quite a bit. She wanted an MRI done that day but it was too busy. I had to wait 3 days to eventually get that done. So now based on the MRI they are saying there is nothing there. I believe there is a sac there that is somehow getting filled up and that it could come back at any time. I think that the MRI was done too late in the process and that it was already diminished so much that there wasn't anything to see. I am lead to believe it is a cyst also because 5 months ago I had the SAME symptoms occur. It was hurting quite a bit but never got painful and eventually calmed down and resolved itself. Now 5 months later it got much worse and turned into a bigger cyst that was lanced and drained. Its just extremely hard for me to believe that it was just an infection and that there isn't something still in there that has potential to become a problem again!! The doctor said herself yesterday, If you have the same problems again come in right away.