destin max strength cream saved me !

Patrick Anarchy

New Member
This might be hard to believe but its really true. I suffered with a pilonidal since march of 2010 and I found a very effective method to deal with it

. I have had ZERO surgery and only 5 lancings done in the emergency room. Average time was every 2 years I would be drained but not anymore.

I simply 1. cover my pilonidal with max strength destin diaper rash cream twice a day 2. Keep my pilonidal shaved. 3. Wash daily with only dial antibacterial soap. Gold color bottle. Other brands of these products never worked so try these 3 things to prevent a pilonidal relapse

. My case is also very different than most because I am 90% incontinent and wear adult diapers instead of using a normal toilet. However I felt so good with my method I figured I would post it to help others with this condition . post op pilonidal care was a no go with a certain gurantee of a major infection with me needing an adult diaper on. so I used my intelligence and managed to outsmart ALL my doctors and very proudly refused all surgeries and with dilligent skin care I succeeded and avoided surgery ! No infections again

Also only genuine 40% zinc oxcide diaper rash cream worked for me. Its a purple tube about 7bux at Walgreen's. I really think this stuff works so accept no substitute