Diagnosed with Pilonidal Cyst 2018


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Hello all beautiful people out there,
I am a PhD Researcher residing in Italy these days and recently i.e. on 6th January 2018, I was diagnosed with this cyst. The history is that it all started in the end of 2017 when i felt pain in my Tail Bone area and i thought that it looks to be an issue of tail bone pain as I sit very long hours on stretch ( due to my work). Anyway, on 5th of January, a bump rose out on my left cleft near to my tail bone. I asked my wife who is also a doctor and she told me that it appears to be Pilonidal Cyst. I went to the Emergency and doctor gave me an I&D (Incision and Drainage) and drained the Abscess. He told me that it is a Pilonidal Cyst but not very old, Probably less than 1 inch.
He gave me an appointment to the Hospital for 18th January and told me that I will be given local Anesthesia and they will do the surgery. The wound is healing now and no pain. There is no redness in the area.
Now, today, when i went to the Surgeon, he said me that No, we can't do it now as its just 10 days old . He told me that he will call me later for examining again and then he will give me the date for the surgery (if needed) in March. Perhaps, This is what I understood from his talk as my Italian is not so good and his English was also like my Italian.
Now, the query is that, what should I do? Should I wait for his examination and do the surgery in March? Or.. I take an appointment from my Family Doctor for another surgeon and take his opinion? The problem is that I've to go for my Research Exchange in Paris in April and if i do it in March I will not have enough time to heal. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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My advice is to read articles from this site and at www.pilonidalsurgery.com so that you understand it. Its not a cyst but an abscess. It doesn’t need to be cut out, excision surgeries are the general protocol. Excision surgeries leave incisions in the butt crack that are VERY hard to heal. My son had 4 of those, all failed. The best surgery for this is the cleft lift. My son’s 5th surgery was the cleft lift and he is now healed.


I would say you should get it taken out asap. But this can only be done once some of the infection has abated so the surgery can be performed successfully. You will need an antibiotic course to start off before they can operate. I was told that by my doctors as well.