Did I make the right choice??


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So I'm gonna so the typical " tell your story " thing, but first a little about me. I'm a 23 year old female who walks alot and has a job where I stand and walk quite a bit.. any way the story... About two weeks ago it had snowed and I fell down every step of my porch on to the concrete. During this time I had had a cold and tons of body aches. A few days after the fally tail bone started to hurt and my back and top of my butt was bruised. I really thought nothing of it since I fell. About a week after the fall I couldn't sit on my butt or lay on my side, standing at work was only bearable for a few hours , I couldn't bend at all. At this point I figured I really bruised my tail bone or I had fractured it. I'm not the type that likes to go to the hospital so I had my mom look at it and the next day I went into urgent care. The doctor at the urgent Care looked at it and pressed on it and imediatly told me it was a pilonidal cyst and scheduled me the next day to see a surgeon and gave me a note off for two days for work. So I went to the surgeon and he looked at it said yes it's a pilonidal cyst. I asked if the fall had a effect on it "flaring up" or made it fill up and he told me no the fall had no effect what so ever and that it's a disease. He then told me that he could lance it then and there or he could give me antibiotics over the weekend and lance it monday and all the antibiotics would do is possibly shrink it. I've had small cysts that have popped naturally and figured lancing it couldn't be too bad. Plus antibiotics always mess with my body so I really didn't want to go that route. So I had him lance it. The numbing shot hurt Soo bad but the rest of it was okay didn't feel him pack in the gauze. He said he would send a prescription for pain killers.i asked if I needed time off from work since he said the cysts are caused by friction and I walk a lot at work not to mention id also have a hole in my butt stuffed so y'know I figured I'd need time off. Nope. He said I could go back to work it'd be fine.. after that I went to my mom's told her the lanced it and all and she'd have to unpack and pack the gauze for me. After about 45 minutes I was in pain so I went to the pharmacy. My prescription was not filled they NEVER got it. After waiting and calling the hospital and waiting agian I talked to the pharmacist almost threw up from pain so they called the doctor again. Anyway I ended up in so much pain I went back to my moms waited over another hour on terrible pain before it was ready. I swear my luck is terrible. Got the prescription and it was only 10 hydrocodone for the WEEK and I work all week. Is this gonna last? I doubt it. Took one that night was fine. Woke on pain. Waited to take the other and fell asleep. Took the other went and showered about a hour after I took it I had my mom unpack the wound I thought a hour would be enough time for the hydro to kick in. Boy was I wrong. It hurt bad I screamed. Packing it didn't hurt as bad but was still awful and it was so sore after that I almost passed out. Eventually the hydro kicked on more and I was able to walk around / sit comfortably (kind of ) for about 4-5 hours.. it wore off and now it's pretty tender agian. I'm afraid to take more hydros because I know I'm going to need them for work . I don't know what to do. I don't think I can handle it being unpacked again if it hurts that bad. I don't think I can handle working in this pain since a lot of walking , lifting , and bending is required. I just really feel like I made the wrong choice. I'm so tired of pain. I just want to be comfortable and somewhat normal again.

also any tips for packing / unpacking.
has anyone been told to put honey in the wound my surgeon said it could help it heal better I didn't try it instead we sprayed it down with a collidial silver spray before packing it (surgeon said it was fine to do so)
any tips for pain? Should I take the hydros every 6 hours and run out or try to make them last so I have one for every packing / unpacking? Should I ask for more although I feel like that will make me look like I'm "pill seeking" .
Is it weird I was cleared to work right away? My mom found it odd.

Is there any preventing the cyst my surgeon told me there wasn't but can diet/shaving or anything help?

i don't mean to complain so much , the plus is the pressure is gone so I can sit on my butt just not long before it gets tender.


Hi, I think we all understand. No worries about complaining.

Unfortunately, the cysts are caused by a variety of things and it's difficult to pinpoint. Some start as ingrown hairs, others as rear injuries. Some believe the hair even comes from the head and externally falls its way down into your cleft (buttcrack). Some recommend shaving, plucking, laser hair removal but ultimately they don't do much.

The only recommendation I can give is that once the area has healed, consider rolling up a piece of gauze and putting it in the area where the cyst is/was. This will spread your cheeks and help fresh air get in- which encourages healing and discourages anaerobic bacteria from forming down there (the cause of infections). It will help keep your pilonidal pits (holes) from growing bigger and reduce the amount of gross that comes out too.


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Thank you so much for you're reply! Honestly I struggle with ingrown hairs on my underarms and have gotten little cysts there so I could definitely see it from being from ingrown hairs, but I do think that me falling is what caused it to "flare up" more I guess is how I'd put it.

The packing unpacking is getting better. My only issue is there hasnt been any puss until today there was a little on the gauze. It did not smell though and my mother said there was no puss in the incision, she also felt around and there's a little bump but when she put a bit if pressure there was still no puss or bleeding. It does itch a little though and it's also where they gave me the numbing shot so it could be that. I don't know my head's just getting to me cause a part of me is thinking what if the doctor didn't get everything out or what if it's coming back or getting infected. .

Ahh thank you so much for the suggestion I have been thinking alot about it heals and little things I can do to try to prevent it from getting too bad. I know I will probably get more of the cysts in my life time I just don't want to be sliced again. I'll definitely try that. I'm also thinking tea tree oil around the area (after it heals) and more epsom salt baths.
I appreciate your reply so much thank you ❤


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Update : I went to my doctor today and he says the incision is healing really well and to pack it a few more weeks. If it starts getting pussy or stops healing to go back in but other then that he doesn't have to see me unless it comes back . Hoping it continues to heal and that it won't come back.


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Hi, it sounds like you have been going through a rough time. I would say once it is all healed up you should work on improving your sitting posture, and try buying a coccyx cushion for your butt. Also when you are fully healed the flesh underneath your skin will still be tender so be careful with the area. Also try keeping it free of hairs and use No- Bump after shaving to prevent clogging and ingrown hairs. Theses are lifestyle changes you will need to make for the long term not short term fixes. I hope it never comes back for you.